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After attending 101 class and now able to understand the Jiujitsu language it’s time to start expanding your game. Our 201 Curriculum is focused on exposing you to both the breadth and the depth of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. You will learn a myriad of guards and sweeps, the power of transitions to take an advantage over your opponent, and submission attacks that will constantly keep your opponent on the run. 201 students will focus majority of their studies on: submission chains and systems, linking multiple positions, &  chaining escapes that will take you from a defensive cycle and put you into an offensive one. Over the course of their studies our intermediate students will develop their ability to attack and defend from long, mid, & close range. How to maintain good alignment using base, posture, & structure, and to impose positional dominance over their opponent. 201 will provide our students with all the tools and knowledge they will need to develop their own game and start refining their personal style of Jiujitsu. 

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