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Youth BJJ
7yr - 13yr

Seeds Planted Today, Sprout Trees Tomorrow

At Science of Jiujitsu Academy our focus is to teach your child the skills required to make their “No” have more than just hope behind it. We will teach your children the foundational techniques of jiujitsu that will equip them with the knowledge and skills to be able to mean what they say without fear of repercussion. Our youth students will not only gain the physical skills, stamina, and strength needed to defend themselves if necessary but; they will also learn skills like verbal and mental JiuJitsu. Skills that both arm your child with confidence and resilience that they will not receive anywhere. In addition to physical and mental skills, our Padawan learners will also develop a moral code of ethics. They will learn things like Perseverance, Integrity, Respect,  and Leadership. Brazilian Jiujitsu is such a great social outlet as well as a skill that will prepare your young one for life! 

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